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How to sign a PDF in Preview on Mac

The Preview app on Apple computers has a neat feature to digitize your signature using your Mac’s camera.

Here are the steps to add a signature and digitally sign a PDF:

  1. Open the PDF file in Preview.
  2. Go to the “Tools” menu and select “Annotate” → “Signature” → “Create Signature from FaceTime Camera” (or “Create Signature from Built-in Camera” if you don’t have a FaceTime camera).
  3. Sign your name on a white piece of paper, and hold it up to your camera so that Preview can capture it.
  4. Preview will automatically detect and capture your signature. If it does not, you can adjust the signature by dragging the corners of the box around it.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your signature, click “Done”.
  6. To add your signature to the PDF, go to the page where you want to insert it and click on the “Signature” icon in the toolbar.
  7. Click on the page where you want to place your signature, and it will be added to the PDF.

If you don’t want to create a signature using your camera, you can also create one using your trackpad. To do this, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Annotate” → “Signature” → “Create Signature from Trackpad”. Then, follow the prompts to create your signature using your trackpad.